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Enjoy A Little Sweetness!! Sweet Potato Hash

Here's A fun Recipe to try.

Sweet Potato Hash


Sweet Potato of Choice (2 Small Ones, Diced) Bell Peppers (1/2) Onion (1/2) Mushrooms (1/4 Cup) Sliced 1/4 Oil (I prefer grapeseed)

Heat oil in a skillet. Once your oil is hot, brown your diced sweet potatoes. Once you've browned them nicely take them out of the pan and drain excess oil from potatoes. (Be sure to pour extra oil out of the pan, and return to heat)

Drop all of your other ingredients in the pan and saute litely, once your onions are becoming translucent reintroduce your potatos. Saute it all around so that the flavors marry.

(you may be saute'ing roughly 3 to 5 minutes, unilt tender.)

Season to Taste, take off the heat and enjoy.


Savannah, GA


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